About Constructing A Durable Brick Patio & How Much It Costs

The key to having a durable brick patio is making sure it is constructed the right way. You don't want the bricks shifting out of place and making the patio unpleasant to look at. Below, learn how a brick patio should be constructed and an estimate of what it will cost if you want a professional to do the work.

How Should a Brick Patio Be Constructed for Durability?

The first step to achieving a durable brick patio is making sure a bed is constructed. Basically, the area were the bricks are being laid will have to be excavated and leveled out. Make sure that you have gravel on hand because you need it for the bed, as well as sand. The bed of gravel and sand will be necessary for making sure the bricks won't shift around as they get settled into the ground when you have had the patio for a while.

The next step to constructing your patio is laying out the bricks in the design of your choice. The great thing about using bricks is that you can keep rearranging the bricks until you are satisfied with the results. You can also incorporate other types of pavers to give the patio a more unique look.

The final step of construction will be bonding all of the bricks together so they will remain stable for a long time. Just use some of the sand and pour it on top of the bricks. The key is to get the sand to seep through the cracks between the bricks, which can be done by using a broom. When all of the cracks are full of sand, spray the brick surface with a garden hose. The sand will get wet and dry up hard to bind all of the bricks together.

What Does a Brick Patio Cost to Be Constructed by Professionals?

The overall price for your brick patio to be professionally constructed will depend on how big it is. The type of bricks used will also be factored into the price. You are looking spend at least $3,000 for a brick patio that is 10x20 square feet. Any special designs will cause the price to go up higher.

A brick patio can give your yard a more pleasant look, while also creating a space for hosting parties for your friends and family. Allow a professional to construct your brick patio if you are not up for the task! Click here for more info.